What we do

SkyQuest is an IP focused research & investment bank and accelerator of technologies and assets. We provide access to technologies, markets and finance across sectors viz. agritech, cleantech, life sciences, nanotech as well as information & communication technology.

We work closely with innovators, inventors, innovation seekers, entrepreneurs, companies, government agencies and investors alike towards leveraging external sources of R&D and capitalizing on market opportunities. We help them in optimizing the economic potential of their intellectual assets. Our experience with diverse multi-national projects is increasing our reach across North America, Europe, Middle East, North Asia and ASEAN region.

We believe innovation is the future of change that makes us adopt better solutions seamlessly.

SkyQuest Technology Group is one of the rapidly growing organization supporting innovation ecosystems worldwide providing access to technologies, markets and finance. It operates as five companies:

SkyQuest Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (India, South Asia & Middle-east)
Innovation Management & Investment Banking

SkyQuest Technology Ventures ( US, Canada)
Technology Transfer & Market Entry

SkyQuest IRN Associates (China, ASEAN)
Technology Transfer & Market Entry

Ingenuity Ventures (Emerging Markets)
Early Stage Investments in Health & Nutrition, CleanTech, Water & Agriculture

Global Health Innovations (EU, US, Asia)
Medical Device/HIT Regulatory Clearances & Distribution Management


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