About Us

SkyQuest Technology Group is a Global Market Intelligence, Innovation Management & Commercialization organization that connects innovation to new markets, networks & collaborators for achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

The Group works with diverse stakeholders from S&T agencies, Development agencies, Government, Export Institutes, Start-ups, SMEs, SME Clusters to Fortune 500 companies

SQ Sectors

SkyQuest IP Management & Holdings, Inc., USA
Market Intelligence, Innovation Management, Commercialization (North America, EU, M.East)     

SkyQuest Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd., INDIA
Market Intelligence, Innovation Management, Commercialization, Procurement (North America, MENA, EU, Asia)

Investigators Forum Network, INDIA & CHINA
Low-cost Clinical Development & Usability Studies for New Tech

Ingenuity Ventures Accelerator, EMERGING MARKETS
Accelerate companies & innovation to new markets

WaterQuest Hydroresources Management India Pvt. Ltd. 
Sustainable Water Resource  Development & Management

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