About Us

SkyQuest Technology Group is a Global IP Focused research accelerator & commercialization organization, engaged with the innovation ecosystem with myriad stakeholders helping them leverage external sources of R&D and create value from intellectual property. The group operates by way of:

SkyQuest IP Management & Holdings, Inc., USA
Research, Technology Transfer & Market Entry (NA, EU)

SkyQuest IP Management & Holdings, Ltd., HONG KONG
Research, Procurement, Technology Transfer & Market Entry (China, Far East & ASEAN)

SkyQuest Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd., INDIA
Research, Technology Transfer & Market Entry (India, Israel, MENA, NA, EU)

Investigators Forum Network, INDIA & CHINA
Low-cost Clinical Development & Usability Studies for New Tech

Ingenuity Ventures Accelerator, EMERGING MARKETS
Accelerate companies to market (Lifesciences, Energy, CleanTech, Water, Health & Nutrition and Agri)

WaterQuest Hydroresources Management India Pvt. Ltd. 
Sustainable Water Resource  Development & Management


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