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We are celebrating innovators on the occasion of World IP Day (26th April). As they share their story via Inspire to Innovate, this is a space to reminisce and rejoice, remarkable innovations of the past. Let’s take a sneak-peek into technologies that shape our present day experiences.

26 April 1962:

Sun-ionosphere relationship exploration, set in space

Ariel1 Artificial Satellite

Left: Launch of Ariel 1 on a Thor-Delta rocket. Right: Ariel1 in Space

Launched. Ariel1, the first British artificial satellite.
Ariel1 was designed to contribute to the current knowledge of the ionosphere and of sun-ionosphere relationships. The satellite investigated solar ultra violet and X-radiation, and obtained an energy spectrum of primary cosmic rays.

A detailed report can be read here.
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Foresee electrical faults and stay fire-free

Fire @BSNL Office

Ahmedabad, 18 April 2012:

The recent fire at the BSNL office is a live example of the damage a minor short circuit can induce. Over 20,000 phone lines were dead across four commercial areas of Ahmedabad. Apart from the monetary loss, resources spent on damage control and customers’ inconvenience leaves a scar on the brand image. Recalling from brands, an IPL match on April 10th ’12 between RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) and KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders), experienced a twenty minutes delay due to short circuit again.The question is, can we prevent a disaster at such junctions? Yes, a preventive fault system can correct the situation with a blink.

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Ramping up Biotech Business in Gujarat, via simply camping.

Biotechnopreneur™ Camps 2012 (Jan­­­–Mar) unfolded diverse possibilities for aspiring entrepreneurs, future biotech specialists and foresaw potential for the industry to boom, via networking. We travelled from Mehsana to Ahmedabad, Surat to Baroda and Rajkot to nurture entrepreneurship in biotechnology. However, our endeavor still continues—for every now and again a new bio-technology is born to better our lives.

We thank all the participants for bringing in great energy. Here’s a flash back of some fantastic moments that the audience rejoiced with the speakers.

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