Foresee electrical faults and stay fire-free

Fire @BSNL Office

Ahmedabad, 18 April 2012:

The recent fire at the BSNL office is a live example of the damage a minor short circuit can induce. Over 20,000 phone lines were dead across four commercial areas of Ahmedabad. Apart from the monetary loss, resources spent on damage control and customers’ inconvenience leaves a scar on the brand image. Recalling from brands, an IPL match on April 10th ’12 between RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) and KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders), experienced a twenty minutes delay due to short circuit again.The question is, can we prevent a disaster at such junctions? Yes, a preventive fault system can correct the situation with a blink.

10 April 2012

Preventive System for Electrical Faults (PSEF) is a device, used to prevent an electrical system/equipment from faults, caused due to abnormal electrical parameters. It comprises of a “monitoring unit” to sense/measure electrical fault via a sensing/measuring device. The said device is further connected to a “signal processing and controlling unit” to receive data and thus provide output for fault identification. The “alarming and indication unit” gives alarm for controlling the actions and commands for trip signal to the circuit breaking device. The “data collecting and processing unit” stores the processed data at “data history storage and display unit” for observation. And voila!*

A leading tech-transfer company, SkyQuest Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (SQTC), has been seeking business partners for a commercial launch of this technology. However, there is a resistance to change. “This innovation is critical for organizations, since everything is data sensitive nowadays.”, says Shriya Damani (CEO, SQTC).With the current systems being ineffective, PSEF is needed for a data sensitive world to survive electrical fluctuations.

*{Innovator: Shri M.M. Joshi, claims that this is a useful system in all operations of power generation and transmission. It finds application from low voltage class to extra high voltage industries. For more details, click here}