Reality Byte: Mosquitoes kill one child every minute. What it takes to get them all out?

Flying, fierce, fiends – mosquitoes have swarmed our lives. These vector-borne disease transmitting pests are causing immense misery around the world. Malaria, dengue, yellow fever and schistosomiasis are among the top contenders for increasing mortality rates among human inhabitants. Going by recent WHO statistics, over 3.3 billion – nearly half of the world’s human population is at risk. Citizens of developing countries like Africa, Cambodia or India are the most vulnerable, making it the world’s fifth big killer in low-income countries with over 90 per cent of the world’s malarial deaths occurring in Africa alone. Children of these countries are at the greatest possible risk with one child dying every minute due to vector and vector-associated diseases. So how does one tackle this menace?

Mosquito repellent

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