Spotting the Perfect Match for your Business Alliance

Strategic Partnership

Strategic partnerships and Joint ventures have seen a steady increase in adoption by corporations across all sectors. While the reasons for partnering are varied, most alliances are forged of the need to keep pace in an increasingly globalized economy. These alliances provide a platform which enables each entity to strengthen its resources and can help a business take ‘that next step’.

This path was initially the privilege of the larger corporations, which used it as a tool to acquire smaller corporations in international markets. However, over time, the playing field has been levelled as the smaller players have learnt to leverage these partnerships to push their own interests.

It is no secret that such partnerships suffer from a high risk of failure – an estimated 60% of Joint ventures go belly up within the first 5 years of incorporation. Despite the high rate of failure, the fact remains that—a partnering plan, when carefully mapped out and well executed can go a long way towards achieving business goals.

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