CTS Pharma Group Plans to Enter Indian Market Through Joint Venture

CTS_LogoCTS Group, an Israeli Pharma company has partnered with SkyQuest Technology Group to identify a Joint Venture Partner for Indian market. CTS with an experience of over 9 decades leading in Pharmaceuticals & Derma-cosmetics product line with focused within Healthcare, Animal Care & Agriculture sectors intends to cater niche and under developed market of Carbocysteine (mucolytic) through a comprehensive solution offering 4 different forms of administration – 2 of them are new to the Indian market (Pediatric & lozenges). This strategic collaboration will position the Indian JV as one of the pioneers in the market providing a competitive edge over others in the space.

The JV’s product offering will comprise of a mix of both OTC & Rx products – Carbocysteine (mucolit) & ProLactic for Cold/Cough & Dermatology respectively. Analysts say that Carbocysteine market in India is in its infancy, although it has the potential to grow. Currently there is only one competitor in the Indian market. The company expects to cater to the cold & cough and dry skin treatment markets estimated at market size of 2,983 Cr & 404.4 Cr respectively. The market of cough & cold is very bullish with an increase of 5% growth each year driven by middle class population.

Intending to partner with an Indian pharmaceutical company, CTS has engaged SkyQuest Technology Group to evaluate pharma companies to form the new JV. SkyQuest is bringing this opportunity for the small to mid-sized companies with a strong marketing team & PAN-India network. The group targets to sign the agreement by early November 2014.

For more information write to nikhil.dhar@skyquestt.com or visit

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