Gap Analysis study in Research & Development (R&D) Department

The intent of this survey is to assess the existing skill gap in the field of Research & Development. India being the preferred destination is climbing up the R&D ladder thus the need for quality recruits in research with business analysis ability is set to increase.

To complete the survey, please review each question and indicate appropriate answer/scale that best reflects your assessment of your current proficiency for the given competency. Your personal responses are anonymous. They will be combined in a secure database and tabulated for reporting.

Thank you for your participation

R&D Survey: Part 2

  • 4. Please express your rating on the following four point scale on the below:

    1. Beginner Level: represents working knowledge or basic level 2. Intermediate Level: above average skills required 3. Advance Level: Proficiency required 4. Expert: highest level of competence required