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Over the years, SkyQuest has been working on bespoke assignments and projects across various sectors including Agriculture, Food Processing, Healthcare, Medical Equipment& Devices, Drug Delivery Systems, Stem Cells, Diagnostics, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare IT, Clean Chemistry, Energy Saving Processes, Bio-Fuels, Waste Management and Renewable Energy. The experience acquired from execution of a diverse array of projects has allowed SkyQuest to hone its skills and keep abreast with current trends in today’s dynamic consulting landscape.

Smart Materials for Home & Personal Care

Technology Landscaping in the emerging areas of Materials Science delivering superhydrophobic, superoleophobicand superhydrophilicproperties to products in the Home Care and Personal Care domains. Over 350 differentiated techs delivering benefits like (i) stain-repellence (ii) antimicrobial, (iii) sunscreen, (iv) colorant (v) useful as sensors for gases/biological markers were evaluated.

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Global landscaping of Water Purification Technologies

A technology landscaping exercise that identified, evaluated and presented novel technologies from start-ups, sme’s, & key research hubs from across the globe. Qualified technologies included Filtration Techniques, Membranes & portable devices for potable water, municipal applications and reuse

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Polurethane Dispersion Platforms for Wood, Construction & Industrial Use

The study involved the tracking and appraisal of innovative PUD solutions (Technologies, Specialty Chemicals, Patents, SME’s) – providing Macro & Micro level insights over techs in development, licensing, partnering, start-ups, R&D centres. Our team evaluated over 1,300 techs from SME’s, start-ups & patent databases – presenting 112 qualified opportunities for partnering.

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Market Landscaping & Commercialization Gates for a Woundcare Device

The dressing is based on a highly absorbent foam with three unique ingredients including Methylene Blue that reduces healing time & costs while providing increased comfort to the patient. The project involved an in-depth global assessment of the Advanced Woundcare market towards identifying the Market Scenario, Key Trends, Competitor Standing that allowed for customized recommendations and Commercialization gateways across key territories in North America, Europe, Asia and South America.

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Market Landscaping & Evaluation for ERP Software

Market Landscaping w.r.t. ERP software for the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Verticals (AEC) in India.

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Sale of Antibody Drug Manufacturing Plant

A European manufacturer of Antibody drugs looking for a complete sale of its GMP certified manufacturing facility along with retention of current teams.

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Mitigating Open Defecation in India

A National study to identify prevailing issues resulting into open defecation across India. The study enabled us to identify solutions that will improve the current scenario towards mitigating open defecation.

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Commercialization Launch Assessment for Israeli Medtech Companies

Business feasibility & PAN-India commercial launch assessment for Israeli Medtech companies including Regulatory Approval Pathway. The project entailed preparation of Go-No-Go reports for 72 companies leveraging SkyQuest’s network of sector specific experts, KOLs & Distributors

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Market Landscaping for Neuroscience-Based Sound Therapy for Tinnitus in Asia

Detailed assessment of Tinnitus market w.r.t current market trends, existing products & competitors, new technologies, competitive Sabotage & provide decisive recommendation to w.r.t considering commercialization across China, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Russia and Taiwan

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Distribution Partner Identification for Breakthrough Women’s Health Technology

Identification of Strategic Business partner for an Israeli manufacturer of women’s health diagnostic technology in India. The SkyQuest team qualified the best suited partner based on comprehensive screening, profiling & evaluation of interested prospects.

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