Artificial Intelligence in Medicine


Partnering  & Commercialization of AIM – Artificial Intelligence in Medicine program from Cedars Sinai. Cedars is seeking a distribution partnership to license AIM in Asia
Target markets

  • China
  • India
  • Israel
  • Korea
  • Japan


AIM is a software suite that allows for processing and analysis of 3D images of the heart leading to measurements that help cardiologists the state & behavior of the heart.

  • Reconstruction & Reorientation
  • Perfusion & Function Quantification
  • Automated Reporting

AIM algorithms have been developed to:

  • Take raw digital data output from CT/PET/SPECT/GAMMA camera among others
  • Take tomographic images of the heart
  • Analyze the dynamic functioning of the heart
  • Be compatible across imaging devices (GE, Siemens, Phillips etc) in nuclear medicine/cardiology facilities

AIM Features

  • QGS+QPS – Quantitative Gated + Perfusion SPECT
  • QBS – Quantitative Blood Pool SPECT
  • QPET – Quantitative PET
  • ARG – Automated Report Generator
  • AutoRecon
  • MoCo – Motion Correction

Partnering Advantages

  • Engage over read-to-deploy, validated platform – considered the gold standard in nuclear cardiology
  • Globally recognized software & algorithm with high acceptance in the medical community
  • Increasing consumer base with new nuclear medicine/cardiology centres each year

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