Silver Based Woundcare Dressing

An estimated 25-40% of patients admitted to hospitals are those with wounds. Amongst these 7-10% contract an infection during hospitalization. While advanced wound dressings and improved procedures present better medical outcomes, the management of chronic/advanced wounds continues to be a complex area of treatment.

Surgical wounds, venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, burns and accidents for some of the most difficult wounds to treat, with high amounts of exudate and are frequently risk of infections.

While these add significant financial burden to the individual and the community, the human cost of wounds is often immeasurable – pain, distress, embarrassment, anxiety, prolonged hospital stays, chronic morbidity or even death. An advanced pressure ulcer (stage IV) not only causes the patient considerable pain, but can add three months or longer to the hospital stay. Similar impact is cause by other advanced wounds.

However, a large number of these wounds are preventable/treatable through modern wound dressings that include antibiotic and antibacterial use, debridement, irrigation, vacuum-assisted closure, warming, oxygenation, moist wound healing, and adding cells or other materials to secrete or enhance levels of healing factors.

Amongst these methods, the use of silver as an antibacterial agent is well known and accepted over the years. Antimicrobial Silver can be found in various foam dressings from leading manufacturers and start-ups across the globe. A one of its kind product RTD, goes a step beyond – incorporating Silver, Methylene Blue and Gentian Violet –covalently bonded to a foam matrix.
How RTD Works
RTD is based on a proprietary highly absorbent foam that can absorb 20x its weight in exudate. This allows for a longer wear time between changes and further reduces healing time as well. This highly versatile foam can be used for multiple wound types – diabetic foot ulcers, venous stasis ulcers arterial/ischemic ulcers, post-surgical wounds and burns among others.

It is highly effective against the most commonly acquired infections. Independent lab studies have shown RTD to provide sustained antimicrobial protection including MRSA.

Singlet Oxygen
No known antimicrobial resistance to singlet oxygen

Singlet oxygen (released by the methylene blue) causes damage to cell membranes (lipid), pili (proteins), extracellular DNA, and other biological molecules, all of which play important roles in biofilm formation.

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Nuclear Cardiology Software for Image Processing & Quantification

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

The Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) program is a Nuclear Cardiology Software for processing and archiving that has established itself as the gold standard among users. AIM a research program of the Department of Medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center – one of the largest non-profit hospitals with thousands of healthcare professionals including 2100+ physicians, 2800+ nurses and researchers


Quantitative Gated SPECT

Over the years, AIM has become the most validated nuclear cardiology software package for imaging. It is also USFDA approved & CE marked in Europe. AIM adds a layer of analysis via features & modules that are unique – providing analysis and processing of 3D images of the heart.

How AIM works

How AIM Works

AIM can operate independent of human intervention, is easy to use and accessible, and has resulted in in improved outcomes, particularly for high risk people without symptoms, such as those with diabetes.

Changing lifestyles, increasing longevity and other risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidaemia or already established disease) mean CVD causes more deaths than any other cause – becoming the leading cause of fatalities across the world – responsible for over 17million deaths annually. With an increasing patient base, AIM is finding increased use/application growing applications across the ever increasing number of nuclear medicine centers across the globe.

AIM Applications

Global populations are in need of early detection mechanisms, personalized management using counselling and medicines and advanced analysis. While traditional methods have been relied upon for years, the interpretation of the results in a more meaningful manner can now be achieved through software like AIM through:

  • Highly accurate interpretation of cardiac health
  • Timely intervention through rapid results
  • Little to no intervention from cardiologists during analysis
  • Patient records & management

AIM is now available for commercially available for more information & enquiries – click here


Adoption of ERP within ACE Industry

The intent of this survey is to assess the adoption of ERP software within the architecture, construction & engineering (ACE) fields across India

To complete the survey, please review each question and indicate appropriate answer/scale that best reflects your assessment of your current perspectives. Your personal responses shall remain anonymous within our secure database.

Thank you for your participation!

Organization Name*
Number of Employees
Organization Size/Turnover
Are you aware of ERP/project management software & benefits?


9th ESCAP Business Advisory Council Commission Session in Bangkok May 20, 2015

Members of the UN ESCAP’s (United Nations Economic & Social Council for the Asia Pacific) – Business Advisory Council in Presence of Hon. Shamshad Akhtar, Undersecretary General


Mr. Akash Bhavsar (INDIA – Seated, First from left)
– Managing Director, SkyQuest Technology Group
– Head, India Workstation, South-South Global Assets & Technology Exchange (A UNDP Promoted Organization) – Chairperson – Innovation & Competitiveness Task Force, Business Member, United Nations Economic & Social – Commission of Asia & The Pacific (UN ESCAP), Business Advisory Council




Gap Analysis study in Research & Development (R&D) Department

The intent of this survey is to assess the existing skill gap in the field of Research & Development. India being the preferred destination is climbing up the R&D ladder thus the need for quality recruits in research with business analysis ability is set to increase.

To complete the survey, please review each question and indicate appropriate answer/scale that best reflects your assessment of your current proficiency for the given competency. Your personal responses are anonymous. They will be combined in a secure database and tabulated for reporting.

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R&D Survey: Part 2

  • 4. Please express your rating on the following four point scale on the below:

    1. Beginner Level: represents working knowledge or basic level 2. Intermediate Level: above average skills required 3. Advance Level: Proficiency required 4. Expert: highest level of competence required

Understanding Structural Mechanisms, Business Models & Best Practices followed by Professional Bodies in Consulting

The intent of this survey is to enhance the growth and capability of the professional bodies in consulting for a sustained future growth. In the aftermath of recent years of severe economic turmoil and the fast changing global economic scenario, the most significant problem facing association today is the task of creating and sustaining organizations capable of thriving in future. Thus the need of the hour is to innovate and develop new business models for enhanced efficiency and sustained growth. Reaching this vital goal demands that associations embark on a comprehensive, dynamic, and ongoing process of reinvention, beginning with an intentional and imaginative effort to design, develop, and implement new business models to fully integrate the inextricably linked pursuits of purpose and profit.

The results of this survey will be used in conjunction with other research activities of the entire project thereby assessing & comprehending diverse structural mechanisms, business models and best practices followed by professional bodies in consulting. Subsequently propose a model to enhance the growth and capability of the professional bodies in consulting for a sustained future growth.

To complete the survey, please review each question and indicate appropriate answers for the given questions. Your personal responses shall remain anonymous. They will be combined in a secure database and tabulated for reporting. Your response is important to us and towards achieving the objectives of this study.

CTS Pharma Group Plans to Enter Indian Market Through Joint Venture

CTS_LogoCTS Group, an Israeli Pharma company has partnered with SkyQuest Technology Group to identify a Joint Venture Partner for Indian market. CTS with an experience of over 9 decades leading in Pharmaceuticals & Derma-cosmetics product line with focused within Healthcare, Animal Care & Agriculture sectors intends to cater niche and under developed market of Carbocysteine (mucolytic) through a comprehensive solution offering 4 different forms of administration – 2 of them are new to the Indian market (Pediatric & lozenges). This strategic collaboration will position the Indian JV as one of the pioneers in the market providing a competitive edge over others in the space.

The JV’s product offering will comprise of a mix of both OTC & Rx products – Carbocysteine (mucolit) & ProLactic for Cold/Cough & Dermatology respectively. Analysts say that Carbocysteine market in India is in its infancy, although it has the potential to grow. Currently there is only one competitor in the Indian market. The company expects to cater to the cold & cough and dry skin treatment markets estimated at market size of 2,983 Cr & 404.4 Cr respectively. The market of cough & cold is very bullish with an increase of 5% growth each year driven by middle class population.

Intending to partner with an Indian pharmaceutical company, CTS has engaged SkyQuest Technology Group to evaluate pharma companies to form the new JV. SkyQuest is bringing this opportunity for the small to mid-sized companies with a strong marketing team & PAN-India network. The group targets to sign the agreement by early November 2014.

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Observational trial on Impact of a Neurosensory Sound Generating Device on Tinnitus Symptoms

We are glad to share the Feasibility Questionnaire for the above referenced study. We request you to review the Synopsis prior to completion of Feasibility Questionnaire
The final decision about your participation will be based on your interest in participating, your recruitment potential, and the ability of your staff and center to fulfill the requirements of the protocol.

SkyQuest will be at MEDICA 2014

Medica Trade Fair 2014

 Medica 2014

SkyQuest Group Managing Director, Akash Bhavsar will be at Medica Trade Fair in Dusseldorf.

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Join us at MEDICA, November 20th – 23rd, 2013, Düsseldorf

Trade Fair MEDICA 2013

SkyQuest will be at the trade fair MEDICA (2013) – largest international forum for medical technologies.

MEDICA 2013: November 20th – 23rd, 2013

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