About SkyQuest

SkyQuest Technology Group is a Global Market Intelligence, Innovation Management & Commercialization organization that connects Innovation to new markets, networks & collaborators for achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

We work closely with diverse stakeholders including Innovators, Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, SMEs, Fortune 500 companies, R&D Organisations, S&T agencies, NGO’s & Development Organisations & Government Agencies alike towards leveraging external sources of R&D and capitalizing on market opportunities. We help them in optimizing the economic potential of their intellectual assets.

We provide access to Innovations across sectors viz. agritech, cleantech, life sciences, nanotech as well as information & communication technology.

Our experience with diverse multi-national projects has expanded our reach across North America, Europe, Middle East North Africa, North Asia and ASEAN region.

We believe innovation is the future of change we seek and we at Skyquest endeavour to Identify, Develop and commercialise breakthrough Innovations for Sustainability.

SkyQuest IP Management and Holdings, Inc., USA, Canada
Market Intelligence, Innovation Management, Commercialization (N.America, EU)

SkyQuest IP Management and Holdings, Ltd., Hong Kong
Market Intelligence, Innovation Management, Commercialization, Procurement (China, Far East & ASEAN)

SkyQuest Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd., India
Market Intelligence, Innovation Management, Commercialization, Procurement  (India, Israel, MENA)

Sustainability Accelerator (Emerging Markets)
Breakthrough Technologies in Health, Energy, Water, Agriculture & Communication 

WaterQuest Hydroresources Management India Pvt. Ltd. 
Sustainable Water Resource  Development & Management

Global Health Innovations, EU, US, Asia
Medical Device/Healthcare IT Regulatory Clearances & Distribution Management

Investigators Forum Network, India
Low-cost Clinical Development & Usability Studies for New Tech

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