Scouting & Technology Intelligence

SkyQuest collaborates with large companies, S&T & development agencies, governments, foundations, SMEs in various capacities to:
1. Enable innovation access, address tech exchange & adoption bottlenecks, map solutions against the development roadblocks
2. Landscape global innovation ecosystems and identify need-specific/high impact solutions, opportunities, partners, collaborators, experts

SkyQuest’s landscaping & scouting expertise has been leveraged by diverse stakeholders with an objective to help Innovations meet its collaborators & implementers by way of mapping & identifying
• Proven and sustainable innovations for deployment
• Cross-sector opportunities for partnering/collaboration
• Most active prospective partners & ecosystems to address current & future challenges
• What exists in the ecosystem & keep up with Industry trends
• Early stage opportunities/approaches for pilot/in-house validation
• Experts & KOLs- to bring in outsider perspective/addressing in-house challenges

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