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The Sustainable Development Goals Accelerator (SDGA) identifies and supports high impact innovations & start-ups that can radically transform businesses/ industries. The SDGA brings in an exciting glocal community of achievers, veterans, makers, Co-working spaces, early market testing groups, Fortune 500s, funds, platforms & collaborators


SDGA Model
The SDGA builds Resources, Capabilities & Networks around disruptions to radically:
1) De-Risk disruptive solutions from finance & resource uncertainty and preparing for acceleration
2) Enable by providing Early visibility, accessibility and adoption by Sponsors and VCs
3) Scale-up to demonstrate desirable impact

SDGA Key Focus Areas



Portfolio of Ventures Supported by SDG


WaterQuest a responsible organization with a vision to address the water security needs of the world. The Technology deployed is used to  map, identify, drill, develop, operate and/or transfer the water source to the client.

The Solution: A Proprietary Virtual Prospecting Program to locate Decentralized, Naturally Desalinated, Self‐Recharging & Self‐ Replenishing Perennial Water Sources, typically between the depths of 300 – 800 m to identify high volume, self‐ recharging flowing water sources.

The accuracy of water finding (98%) and precision (92%) of predicting flow rate by the program has been tried, tested and validated in diverse water scarce regions of the world including but not limited to Argentina, France, Mexico, Israel, Portugal, UAE etc.



Agri Nanotechnology platforms:
Harit vardan polymorphic bio-fertilizer Nanotech Platform comprising of 20 phyto-hydro absorbents, macro & micro nutrients, plant growth hormones & bioactive compounds. The biofertilizer has several integrated benefits viz saves 50% water, saves 75-100% of fertilizers, improves yield by 40%, improvement in physical & biological properties of the soil


Commstree Humanitarian Services Integrated Platform (HSIP) Developed to bring: productivity, accountability, compliance and broader management bandwidth to organisations within the humanitarian services sector. It supports organisations to manage, train, mobilise and engage all their stakeholders to ensure the success of their projects. It is highly configurable and can be tailored to different workflows.
Red Cross integrated system (RCIS) is the resultant of SRCS (Singapore Red Cross Society) and MTP, where it was customized and configured.


Innovation Product Research, eXperts( IPRX) IPRX is an exclusive, globally community of Subject Matter Experts, Researchers and Technical Experts enabling cross pollination of ideas and solutions among stakeholders across 90 countries. IPRX’s curated community of experts bring in multi-sectoral expertise that can be plugged in as modules to fit specific needs to
a) Support industry entities as advisors through novel solutions (product development, product enhancement, tackle R&D challenges)
b) Address bottlenecks faced by industry through customized technical interventions
c) Enhance geographic expertise, knowledge and validation of solutions
d) Provide solutions to challenges faced by civic bodies
e) Enable addressing specific challenges under the 17 SDGs


Green Power & Transport A platform technology that comes-in with a portfolio of world’s fastest charging batteries. There are several ways to monetize to monetize this technology viz E-Rick, Mobility & Power Trucks to transport energy, Bulk Energy Business, Green Power Businesses, High performance storage & power management systems, Servicing Business, Charge Selling Business etc.This platform can also be deployed very efficiently for smart villages/integrated with other solutions for a rural development plan.



The SDGA is also engaging with the key ecosystem actors and collaborators viz Private sector, MNCs, Donor agencies and contractors, Development Agencies, Funds, Financial Institutions, Investors, NGOs to enlist a few these actors include
  • Sustainable Business Network of the UN Economic & Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP), Thailand.
  • The International Federation of Inventors Association (IFIA), Geneva
  • Technology Innovation International (TII), Luxemburg
  • Doublo O
  • Global Healthcare Innovations (GHI)
  • SkyQuest Technology Group

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