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In realizing the vision to build an invention economy, we also work closely with investors/VCs and firms doing business in funding emerging, innovative, technology based companies. We have extensive experience of consulting key stakeholders in rapidly developing markets as India, Israel and Taiwan, where huge investments are spurring new technology products and services, and R&D. We effectively represent VCs investing abroad.

Our team of experts along with our world-class network of scientific advisors, business leaders and industry partners holds a deep understanding of how investors/venture capital firms operate, and we add value to the firm itself. We offer reliable services to investors with our relevant and practical experience to resolve their business challenges.

Our entire range of services for investors includes:

  • Representing venture capital firms – helping focused, experienced VCs identify, operate and invest in promising companies internationally
  • Representing strategic corporate and institutional investors – support with intellectual asset management programs
  • Fund formation – representing VC funds, incubator arrangements, and cross-over investment funds (mixed public and private)
  • Venture IP – consulting VCs and venture funds on all IP matters, including patent/technology due diligence, IP development and protection and strategic IP asset management
  • Strategic services to link investors/VCs and start-ups
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