Due Diligence

Technology Due diligence

Uncover the scalability, capabilities, competitive advantage, risks and shortcomings of IP/Technology

IP due diligence | Assessment | Technology evaluation | IP understanding

Assess the functionality, resilience and applications of the technology you may deploy with technology due diligence.

Like in any other situation, before in-licensing a technology/IP also, you would want a detailed technical understanding as well as an insight of the commercial aspect of the technology to avert any unanticipated results at a later stage.

The strengths and weaknesses highlighted from the due diligence will pertinently help you take more informed decisions for technology sourcing.

Our due diligence process includes:

  • A critical evaluation of the technology
  • An analysis of state of the art developments and comparisons

Upon request, we will also conduct structured interviews with key opinion leaders and/or other recognized experts in the field.

Due diligence carried out by our analysts will be tailored to suit your scrutiny requirements.

We offer a confidential, sound, unbiased perspective and work in sync with your internal resources.

Our analysts are industry veterans, have extensive technical expertise and a vast experience in Technology Due Diligence.

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