IP Audit & Portfolio analysis

IP Audit & Portfolio analysis

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According to studies of the latest industry trends, intellectual property constitutes approximately three-quarters of a typical company’s assets.

Consequently, it becomes increasingly important for you to keep track of your IPs as well as to have procedures in place to manage intellectual property rights associated with these assets. Investors and creditors of companies also prefer to have a reliable mechanism to be informed about the scope of intellectual properties.

Assessment of the IPs of a company

Our IP audit examines and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses in the procedures used to protect IPs. We will give you an overall picture of all your IPs and facilitate sourcing /in-licensing of new IPs by highlighting the lacunae and needs.

SkyQuest’s IP Audit course of action:

  • A review of related and competitive technologies
  • An evaluation of intellectual property including patenting position and possible infringements

IP audit will:

  • Offer scope for corrective measures by depicting the earlier state of affairs
  • Serve to maximize the protection of your intellectual property and minimize your risks of infringing others’ rights and forfeiture of your IP rights as well

Freedom to operate

Identify potential patent barriers to the commercialization of products or technologies

Explore to resolve whether to go ahead with research, development and/or commercial production of a new product or process without infringing others’ legitimate intellectual property (IP) rights with Freedom to Operate (FTO) study.

In commercializing IP, overlooking or infringing the existing local patents unknowingly can jeopardize your stance. FTO studies are therefore critical to the process. An accurate FTO study would avoid future litigations.

FTO at SkyQuest includes:

  • In-depth full-text searches of enforced patents, published pending patent applications, and expired patents in the countries of interest.
  • Identify patents with claims that cover the subject technology, process, or product
  • An assessment of the claims of the most relevant located patents

Competitive IP Intelligence

Equip yourself with pre-emptive measures to stand strong in the market among stiff competition

Competitive IP Intelligence will give you insights into the proceedings of the industry players – the collaborators as well as the contenders. It enables you to identify market opportunities and threats and also to adapt to the transforming industry ecosystem.

In these times of cut-throat competition, our competitive IP intelligence service we give you a decisive edge with:

  • comprehensive and meticulous competitor information
  • commendation and nuances about the competitors’ performance and capabilities
  • market and customer opportunities and competitive threats

Competitive IP Intelligence will give you an overview of:

  • Main competitors
  • Key technologies
  • Important research clusters
  • Receding technologies
  • Emerging research areas
  • Potential infringement cases


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