Customized valuation for your IP
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Get proper valuation of your IP based on the most suitable valuation method. You know that your IP is worth capitalizing; we help you know its amount of worth.

The valuation of intellectual property tends to be very intricate, since the task of valuation involves determining the present value against a future technology or product. Foremost to valuation, our Technology Transfer Advisory team establishes the life of the patent based on standard considerations.  We majorly adopt one of the following IP valuation methods, on determining the most befitting one:

  • Income Approach: Based on projections of revenue likely to be generated by the patent over its lifetime this method computes the value by discounting the projected revenue to present value.
  • Cost Approach: This method values the IP by considering the amount of expenditure and investment made for the development of the IP.

We often use this approach as a supplement to support other patent valuation methodologies.

  • Market Approach: Market Approach of IP valuation determines the value based on the current price at which similar property is valued by willing buyers and sellers.

Get the vantage of our IP valuation team comprising of experts with diverse experience over years and comprehend the commercial worth of your IP.

We believe, a perfect valuation scenario would be one where both the buyer and seller walk away, each with the best deal.


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