Technology Marketing

Technology marketing

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Technology dossier preparation

Dossiers are an important part of any kinds of transactions; Technology Dossiers even more.

As you have determined to explore the commercialization of your IP, now you would need to have a range of collaterals in place to promote it like presentations, videos, technology briefs, commercial plan, original patent documents, test reports, compliance certificates, licensing agreement and more.

Have world class documentation portfolio organized for your technology including, techno-commercial offer documents and assistance in drafting Licensing Agreements from our team.We have standard procedures and guidelines set out for all documentation. Our team of technology professionals will also assist you with relevant tests and certifications required for your IP.


Partner identification

Here’s an end to all your apprehensions about entering a new market….

A new market is similar to a start-up situation with no contacts, no sales, no marketing infrastructure in place, and little or no knowledge of the market. SkyQuest believes that “Knowledge is Power”.

We help you identify the most suitable partner for your initiatives, being data-rich about the global industry and having an informed network. We offer “Customized Support” – you have the liberty to pick-up the kind of support required, specific to your business objectives.

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