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 Electrical Fault Restricting System


Summary of the Technology

 The Electrical Fault Restricting System (EFRS) is a device used in supplement with any electrical system/equipment to prevent it from electrical faults resulting due to abnormal electrical parameters.  EFRS comprises of a “monitoring unit” to sense electrical fault with the help of sensors.  The device also comprises of “signal processing and controlling unit” to receive data and thus provide output for fault identification.  Its “alarming and indication unit” gives alarm for controlling actions and command for trip signal to circuit breaking device.  The “Data collecting and processing unit” stores the processed data in “data history storage and display unit” for back reference.


Technology Overview

Electrical system/devices are used everywhere, in – domestic, agricultural, industrial and all other works.  Electrical Energy being deployed universally in these works is often associated with various kinds of electrical faults which result into severe damages like loss of equipments and property, loss of manpower, short circuits, thermal hot spots etc.

EFRS would be useful for various equipments like Circuit Breakers, Power Carrying Cubicles, Power Bus systems, Transformers, Motors, Generators, Protection transformers like Current Transformer/Potential Transformers/Capacitive Voltage Transformer etc. and other equipments in all Industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic electrical applications including power generating, transmitting and distributing electrical network for EHT (Extra High Tension), HT (High Tension) and LT (Low Tension) voltage class.

Some Advantages of EFRS are:

  • Prevents the asset from leading to abnormality or failure.
  • Damages and accidents in electrical systems can be avoided thereby damage & repair cost of electrical system or electrical equipment is minimized.


EFRS continuously monitors for abnormality and provides feedback about the eventuality at the developing stage of the fault of the location.  The feedback is processed at processors/controllers and provides all the required alarms, tripping, tends, graphs, data of events and logs.  The system also has a provision to view complete visuals and history within the system.

Some special features of the technology:

  • Smart and advanced Protection; prevents system from failures and hazards
  • Quick and fast response; responds in milliseconds to micros
  • Provides alarm and alerts from initial stage of fault development
  • Indicates location of fault in electrical system and/or equipment
  • System is intelligently devised to provide – image, location of fault, required fault parameters
  • System also provides – graphical presentation, History database, statistics of logs and other event related information helpful for Life assessment analysis study.
  • Reliable and Robust


Intellectual Property (IP) protection

 Patent granted in India; PCT filed


Development stage

 Ready to commercialize


Collaboration sought


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