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About WaterQuest

WaterQuest Hydroresources Management India Pvt. Ltd. (WaterQuest) is a responsible organization registered in India (2015), by Skyquest Technology Group, for the purpose of solving water problems of the world besides supporting the Water related Sustainable Development Goals.

WaterQuest enables discovery, access and management of Self-recharging & Self-replenishing Perennial Water Sources developed by our experts

  • Proprietary Technology Solution can locate naturally desalinated self-recharging & self-replenishing perennial water sources globally, typically between the depths of 300 – 800m.
  • This virtual prospecting program uses datasets including but are not limited to – Global Hydrogeological Maps & related Data, Extensive Global Geophysical Data from Oil/Mineral exploration studies and remote Sensing Data including Thermal Data, Gravitational Field Data, Magnetic Fields Data and like data sets.
  • The technology is fine-tuned to identify high volume, self-recharging flowing water sources.
  • ~1,200 wells have been successfully marked & drilled in Spain, Argentina, France, Mexico, Israel, Portugal, UAE and Uruguay
  • 30+ years of experience.
  • Track Record of operational wells with the same efficiency. The first well is around 20 years old.
  • Datasets available for major parts of the world
  • Technology with 98% of precision and accuracy
Awards & Recognition
SIIF Certificate

Winner at the Seoul International Invention Fair

1. 1st Prize Winner at the National Summit of Innovation and Technology (NSIT) 2016, Pre‐vibrant Gujarat Global Summit event 2016, India
2. Finalist for the Best ICT- Start-up at GESIA Annual Awards 2016
3. Finalists of Global Grand Challenge Award at Expo in SU Global Summit August 2016 in San Francisco, United States of America.
4. Gold Prize Winner at Seoul international Invention Fair (SIIF) 2015, Korea.
5. NITI AAYOG & Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation, GoI, invited WaterQuest to present to Representative of 20+ States at Vigyan Bhawan India on 9th Sep 2016

Impact and Advantage of identified Water Sources:
Project Cost

  • Significantly reduced project cost & land acquisition issues for laying pipes for transporting water from far away sources to cities.
  • Very low operations and distribution cost owing to decentralized water sources. Only water disinfection needed.
  • Project Implementation time is about 3 months compared to over 2 to 3 years for project with surface source.


WaterQuest - Complete Solution

Complete process from Self-replinishing water Source drilling to Capping.

Technical: Quality & Quantity

  • Facilitates identification of specific desired quality (industrial use/agriculture use/drinking purpose, etc.) or type (temperature may be normal/thermal) water-wells.
  • Sustainable solution to eliminate the threat of drying up surface sources/rivers
  • Decentralized & sustainable water sources development & management
  • Identified water-wells are independent of rainwater or other surface water for recharging thus sustainable and perennial.
  • Supports and improves the efficiency of desalination plants/process.



  • Reduced social unrest & significant reduction in project related displacement issues of communities. No project affected families.



  • Has no adverse environmental impact Over extraction of static water/local ground water
  • Reduced environmental impact due to reduction in waste water and elimination of sludge from treatment


Health & Economics

  • Reliable, perennial supply of high quality water leads to improved health indicators and productive population


Major Applications

  • Drinking Water Supply (for drought affected area/contaminated GW)
  • Agriculture Land Rehabilitation and Irrigation related water supply
  • De centralized/Parallel/Alternate/Feeder Water Supply Network
  • Water Supply for Industrial Parks/Cities/Infrastructure Projects/Railways
  • Water Banking – Creating interconnected Self-recharging structures to increase ground water tables and recharge sub surface aquifers
  • Harnessing Geothermal Energy from hot water veins

For more information write to ab@waterquestresources.com


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